PRESS RELEASES Launches New Concept in Women's Fashion Powered By Nox Enterprise Commerce Launches New Concept in Women's Fashion Powered By Nox Enterprise Commerce
DailyLook provides styled looks without spending designer prices. DailyLook offers members a complete look on sale for 36 hours every day and includes the latest fashion clothing, trendy shoes, bags, and accessories at up to 50% off. DailyLook includes the perfect top, bottom, shoes, bag and accessories to complete the look members love. Their stylists shop at fashion boutiques around the world looking for inspiration to put together the latest looks on a budget, just for members. Shopping at is fun, convenient, and easy.

"DailyLook is your one stop daily fashion inspiration. And we have chosen Nox to power the technology that makes it all happen," said Brian Ree, CEO and founder of DailyLook.

"We are very excited to launch the new website. We have created custom features and new tools to help DailyLook enhance their customer’s online experience.  The technology behind the site is impressive and we are very proud of it," said Payam Zarabi, CEO of Nox Enterprise Commerce.


Nox Enterprise Commerce is a leading technology and e-commerce solutions management firm that is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Nox specialized service offerings include website design, creation, maintenance, streaming, hosting, marketing, promotions, customer service and product fulfillment. Nox delivers customized solutions through a propriety enterprise platform and infrastructure. Nox has designed and built, providing hosting, technical support, and customer service. 
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