Nox IT Solutions

Nox IT Solutions offers Fully Managed & Hosted Solutions that are an end-to-end e-commerce solutions that include website design, development & hosting, bandwidth provisioning, technical support, website operations, podcasting, streaming, order processing, order tracking, subscription management, marketing, warehousing, operations, fulfillment, shipping, credit card processing, customer service and content production.

Nox IT Solutions builds and operates websites for leading brands and broadcasters. Our websites generate revenue from the sale of premium membership subscriptions, books, merchandise, newsletters and webinars. Our sites generate millions of dollars of revenue per year in additional revenue for our clients.

Nox IT Solutions personnel is highly qualified to ensure the building of your site just the way you want it, Knowing that each audience segment is unique, our IT personnel believe each website should reflect the distinctive characteristics of the brand with its own exclusive look and feel. We will make our software and platform work with your business needs instead of making your business fit our platform. Nox IT Solutions understands the functionality you want for your sites and what you want to achieve. While we have many features that you want, we can work with you to customize them for your needs or even build completely new ones.

Nox IT Solutions core Competencies include, building online e-business strategies by utilizing their proprietary premium content & e-business management system. The following are some of the features included in Nox IT Solutions content & e-business management system: Live Streaming with commercial insertion, Podcasting Enabled, Playlist and Artist Bios, Audio and Video Streaming, Message Boards with Keyword Filters, Online Listener Club, Member Mail, Rewards Club and Redemption System, Site Search with Sponsored Results, Slideshow Module, Interactive Polls, Photo Gallery, Contest Entry and Administration System, Questionnaire engine, Article and Blog System with Email Forwarding & Printing, Member Management System, RSS Feeds, E-commerce Platform & Online Store, Secure Credit card Processing, Order Management System, Ad Management System, Event Calendar System with Email Alerts and Administration and may more.

Nox IT Solutions has made an unparalleled commitment to security, reliability, scalability, speed, and uptime of our managed websites. Our IT personnel have created an enterprise level infrastructure that enables millions of visitors to download, stream and quickly navigate our sites. Our IT personnel go through the effort of making sure that our platform has minimized security risks as much as possible. In addition, our IT department is battle hardened in the security arena. Some of the sites that we host have been the target of many attacks over the years and Nox IT Solutions has weathered them and built up security to ensure that the attackers do not gain the upper hand. We also do not use any offshore outsourcing so we can keep very tight control of our code base. Nox IT Solutions double encrypts all sensitive data in our database, using the highest encryption available, so even if someone were to retrieve it, they would not be able to read it.

Some of the biggest names in radio and TV have been hosted by Nox IT Solutions for years and our IT group have built up a reliable, efficient system with all of the latest technologies and backup security available today. Nox IT Solutions is absolutely dedicated to security, reliability and 99.99% uptime. Nox IT Solutions operates in multiple data centers simultaneously, and employs global load-balancing between those data centers. We also maintain redundant equipment for every important process we have online. All of this means that if a server or even an entire data center fails it will not have any effect on the uptime or performance of our sites and they will continue running smoothly. Even if a divine act were to destroy a hosting facility, we have multiple contingency plans to ensure that your presence on the web is reestablished within minutes.