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We turn your amazing ideas into great mobile apps which render high-end and rich experiences to users that help grow your business. Nox Solutions takes pride in its well qualified team which uses an amalgam of technical aspects and marketing tactics to give you the ultimate mobile app for your business.

Our expertise in mobile app development is in creating high performance and scalable mobile apps with easy navigation and attractive UI per your requirements. Constantly changing trends and technology makes it excessively difficult for businesses to focus on their work. Therefore we give efficient support and maintenance even after the app deployment.

IPhone App Development

Our skilled professionals ensure 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to mobile apps. A track record of successful iPhone apps have made us stand out amidst this digital ocean of developers.

Technologies like Swift and Objective-C alongside robust frameworks and programming languages helps us create top-notch iOS based mobile apps for you that are approved by Apple.

We aim to push any boundaries that restrict you from growing and help you propel forward with vast options in the field of development.

Android App Development

We know the little-known tricks and insights that could boost your marketing and enhance your app's visual interface making it more lucrative for potential leads. We provide affordable and customizable mobile apps that are best suited for your consumers. We ensure our developers use high-end technologies to meet your business' demands.

We work with JAVA, C++, HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript to create native android mobile apps. Android apps are high performing with easy customization, provide strong security to protect your app from malware, and also come with wearable devices like watches to increase your customer reach.

React Native App Development

We use React Native to deliver smooth animations and rich native experiences for your hybrid mobile apps. Leveraging React within React Native, our team is able to quickly deliver strong mobile apps that serve your users with the best. React Native applications with near native experiences and performance are widely sought after.

React Native apps are the new trending technology that are a powerful resource to capture the market. Even the most successful companies like Twitter, Amazon, Gmail, Instagram and Uber trust the technology to expand their services and reach their consumers. So why should you stop? Go ahead and grab the market by its roots.