Online Reputation Management

A reputation that took decades to build should not be threatened by a single event.

Are you aware of what your customers are saying about you? What about your ex-employees? What about your competitors? Information travels quickly across the internet. Are you listening to the online conversations about your brand? How are these conversations affecting how people view your organization?

ORM is a relatively new industry but has been brought to the forefront of professionals' consciousness due to the overwhelming and many times unpredictable nature of both professional journalistic content and amateur user-generated content (or UGC),

The three steps involved in Online Reputation Management are: 1) Monitor, 2) Analyze, 3) Influence.

The key word in Online Reputation Management is engagement. The goal is to have people speak about your brand in a positive sense by achieving, maintaining and improving a positive online sentiment about it. Being mentioned in social media can be a threat if not dealt with correctly, but can also generate great benefits if used the right way. It's all about buzz and sentiment, and how you manage it.

Online Reputation Management is the strategy of an entity to manage the online buzz and sentiment about itself by engaging people positively.