Print Publications

It's not such a big surprise that print publications are hurting more than ever given the current economic weather.

For a while the print industry was doing an okay job of rolling with the punches being delivered by online media, but with the decline of our economy it would seem that print is on the ground for the final knock out. Magazine and newspaper publishers are the first to admit that this is the worst decline in advertising they have ever seen, and some have already sacrificed their ego and thrown in the towel.

We believe that print publications will always serve a value in our society. Their level of journalism and connection to the markets they serve cannot be replaced with a one size fits all model of yahoo or Google news feeds. However, they need to adapt and change their mode if they want to be around in a significant way in the next 5-10 years.

All things are moving towards the web. Print publications cannot and should not be any different.

Let Nox Solutions create an online strategy that works for your publication.