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Subscription revenue is an important part of our clients' businesses. Subscriptions provide our e-commerce businesses with predictable recurring revenue, and enable consumers to gain access to "members-only" content. Our online subscription management system has been developed over the last decade and provides extensive management tools to consumers and administrators. Here are some of the capabilities of our online subscription management system:

Unlimited Subscriptions Types

We can offer monthly memberships, yearly memberships, quarterly memberships, "free trial," gift memberships (electronic or physical), "gift-with-purchase" membership offers.

Auto Renewing

We can set up memberships to renew any number of days you want, the most common ones are listed above.

Subscriptions Upsell System

Depending on our client's physical E-commerce system, we can up-sell customers that buy physical goods to buy a membership as well.

Subscriptions Expiration Reminder System

We can automatically send out emails before the renewal of a membership to remind customers it is expiring. Normally done only for yearly memberships and can be turned off or configured as needed.

Expired Member Renewal Solicitation

If a customer does cancel their membership, we have a system to automatically email after they cancel and ask them to come back. This can be scheduled to take place any time.

Subscription Discounts

Depending on our client's physical E-commerce system, we can give subscribing members a discount on physical goods. We have found this to be a powerful incentive for people to become members.

Gift With Subscriptions

We can send out new or renewing members free gifts when they sign up or have been members for a certain period of time.

Subscriptions Extensions

Administrators can extend memberships for free, suspend memberships for a certain period of time and manage all payment and billing details.

Subscriber Account Management:

  • Upgrading - Customers can upgrade their membership -- they can turn a monthly membership into a yearly one for example.
  • Reviewing - Customers can review when their membership is going to bill next.

  • Billing - Members can see what credit card is being used for their membership. They can change that card easily as well.

  • Canceling - None of us like it when customers do cancel, but we allow the customer to cancel their membership. We collect information from them on why they are doing so. In addition, we have a rules based engine to manage credits to their credit card automatically.